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Symbiota ID Collection Catalog Number Family Scientific Name Collector Number Date Country State/Province County Locality Decimal Lat. Decimal Long. Habitat Substrate Elevation
10372427 ASU:Plants ASU0295407 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard Liz Makings 4793 2016-02-18 United States Arizona Maricopa County South Phoenix; in pavement cracks of parking lot of Church of the Bretheren; nea... 33.382188 -111.997014 sandy gravel 360
26781380 ASU:Plants ASU0307848 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard Liz Makings 6092 2019-02-20 United States Arizona Maricopa County South Phoenix; 40th Street and St. Catherine 33.387514 -111.995659 prostrate annual growing from cracks in the sidewalk 349
11804990 CM:Botany CM252834 Asteraceae Lasiopogon muscoides (Desf.) DC. Shahzad 314 1976-08-05 Pakistan Northern areas Gilgit Dist. Nomal soil sandy
10617904 MO 100534303 Asteraceae Lasiopogon micropoides DC. Anonymous 521 Africa
10617905 MO 100534306 Asteraceae Lasiopogon muscoides (Desf.) DC. Anonymous s.n. Africa
10859087 MO 100534304 Asteraceae Lasiopogon muscoides (Desf.) DC. Anonymous s.n. Africa
6633579 ARIZ 422078 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard C.David Bertelsen 2015-006 2015-03-10 United States Arizona Pima County Santa Catalina Mountains, Finger Rock Canyon Habitat. 32.346 -110.9056 In Desert scrub and Riparian Scrub.; This soil 1036
7249362 ARIZ 423390 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard Deborah Bird; Joan Tedford 109 2015-03-14 United States Arizona Pima Sabino Canyon, Bajada near dry creek bed off Esperero trail 32.31281 -110.81912 Desert Scrub; sandy, gravelly 810
20785708 ARIZ 434829 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard Anthony Mendoza 176 2017-02-27 United States Arizona Pima About 10 meters west of the parking lot off of Ranch Feliz street 32.38 -110.9972222 Riparian 1 -- Mesquite Bosque; Sandy soil 739
28039678 ARIZ 439667 Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard George M. Ferguson 4504 2019-03-09 United States Arizona Pima Tucson, 0.5 mi SSW intersection of Ironwood Hill Dr. and Greasewood Rd, in resid... 32.244 -111.024 Growing in landscaping of decomposed granite mulch, moist disturbed areas such a... 732
28434134 ARIZ Asteraceae Lasiopogon glomerulatus (Harv.) Hilliard Sue Rutman sn 2015-02-27 USA Arizona Pima Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument; Aguajita Wash 31.939583 -113.011893 334
22938921 UTEP:Herb-Plant specimens UTEP:Herb:44946 Asteraceae Lasiopogon volkii Collector(s): Otto Heinrich Volk 1199 1974-06-15 Namibia Hardap Region Farm Hohe Acht
9099616 VT UVMVT173088 Asteraceae Lasiopogon Egypt
| 1-13 of 13 records |
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