Authors: Julia Fonseca

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Families: 89
Genera: 336
Species: 548
Total Taxa (details): 554

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RX, AS, Occasional
AQ, not extant, was called "sclerosus" in Cowles notes; Jillian Cowles 2004-09-16 [SEINet]
DI, Found in packets at ASU; I'd is verified; Meg White, Donna Shorrock 2005-09-03 [ASU]
rare, seedlings only; fails to establish; Jillian Cowles 2006-09-08 [SEINet]
FP, 2013-111
Found two specimens in packet collection at ASU; Andrea Hazelton 141 [ASU], Andrea Hazelton 126 [ASU]
found in packet collection at ASU as ERagrostis Gracilis; Andrea Hazelton 111 [ASU], Andrea Hazelton 127 [ASU]
CH, Infrequent, K.Mauz obs. 9/04, Just down stream from three bridges, on right, near cattails; Julia Fonseca 2017-789 [ARIZ], Julia Fonseca 2016-668 [ARIZ], Julia Fonseca 2016-668 [SEINet]
Mesquite bosque, terrace, In main Cabinets at ASU, not packet collection; Katharine Rainey 71 [ASU], Jillian Cowles 2005-04-03 [SEINet]