Phegopteris spp.
Family: Thelypteridaceae
Phegopteris image
Paul Rothrock  
Stems long-creeping, 1--4 mm diam. Blades 2--3-pinnatifid in proximal part, broadest at base, apex gradually reduced; pinnae deeply lobed, mostly strongly adnate, connected by wing along rachis, wing sometimes forming lobe between pinnae and served by vein arising from rachis; costae not grooved adaxially; buds absent; veins free, simple or often forked, distal veins of segment reaching margin or nearly so; indument abaxially of unbranched, unicellular hairs, rachises and costae also with spreading, ovate-lanceolate scales. Sori round to oblong, supramedial to inframarginal, lacking indusia; sporangial capsule often bearing stalked glands or hairs. x = 30.