Gisekia spp.
Family: Gisekiaceae
Gisekia image
Herbs, annual. Leaves opposite or appearing whorled. Inflorescences axillary, compound dichasia, appearing umbelliform. Flowers: sepals 5; stamens 5; carpels 5, free; ovaries 5, each 1-loculed; style and stigma 1 per carpel; stigma terminal. Fruits: group of thin-walled, lenticular achenes. Seed 1 per carpel. Described as 'debatably phytolaccaceous' by G. K. Rogers (1985), Gisekia has been referred also to Aizoaceae, Molluginaceae, and even Portulacaceae---and, perhaps the best solution, to its own family, Gisekiaceae. The generic name is sometimes misspelled as 'Giesekia.'