Cyanthillium spp.
Family: Asteraceae
Cyanthillium image
Annuals (perhaps persisting), 2-6(-12+) dm. Leaves mostly cauline (at flowering); petioles ± winged; blades ovate to trullate, deltate, oblanceolate, or spatulate, bases ± cuneate, margins serrate, apices rounded to acute, abaxial faces ± hirtellous to densely piloso-strigillose, resin-gland-dotted, adaxial faces ± scabrellous or glabrate. Heads discoid, ± pedunculate, not subtended by foliaceous bracts, (12-)40-100+ in ± corymbiform arrays (6-)10-15+ cm diam. Involucres ± campanulate to turbinate or hemispheric, 4-5 mm diam. Phyllaries 24-32+ in 3-4+ series, the outer subulate to lanceolate, inner ± lanceolate, all ± chartaceous, margins entire, tips apiculate to spinose, abaxial faces ± strigillose, ± resin-gland-dotted. Florets 13-20(-24+); corollas lavender to pink or purplish, tubes longer than funnelform throats, lobes 5, lance-linear, ± equal. Cypselae ± columnar, not ribbed, ± strigillose; pappi of ± 20 ± persistent outer scales, plus ± 20 caducous inner bristles. x = 9 (18-).
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