Cinnamomum spp.
Family: Lauraceae
Cinnamomum image
Arthur Chapman  
Trees or shrubs , evergreen. Bark gray [or brown], furrowed [or smooth]; bark and leaves often aromatic. Leaves alternate, infrequently opposite. Leaf blade with (1-)3 primary veins [or infrequently pinnately veined], papery to leathery; surfaces glabrous or variously pubescent; domatia frequently present. Inflorescences appearing when mature leaves are present, axillary, panicles. Flowers bisexual; tepals deciduous or persistent, white, green, or yellow, equal; stamens 9, anthers 4-locular, 4-valved (rarely with anthers of inner 3 stamens 2-locular), extrorse; staminodes 3, apex sagittate or cordate; ovary ovoid-ellipsoid. Drupe bluish black, nearly globose, seated in small cupule with entire single rim or tepals persistent. The neotropical species were formerly included in Phoebe , but they are better placed in Cinnamomum .