Calocedrus spp.
Family: Cupressaceae
Calocedrus image
ASU Fruit & Seed Collection  
Trees evergreen, large. Branchlets flattened, in fan-shaped flattened sprays. Leaves opposite in 4 ranks (although apparently in whorls of 4). Adult leaves dimorphic, appressed, overlapping, scalelike, lateral leaves overlapping facial leaves, free portion of long-shoot leaves to ca. 3 mm; abaxial glands present. Pollen cones with 6--8 pairs of sporophylls, each sporophyll with 4 pollen sacs. Seed cones maturing and opening first year, ellipsoid, 17--30 mm; scales persistent, (2--)3 pairs, oblong and basifixed, thin and woody; proximal pair reduced, sterile, often reflexed or lacking; median pair fertile; distal pair connate, sterile. Seeds 2 per scale, lenticular, unequally 2-winged; cotyledons 2. x = 11.
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