Callitris spp.
Family: Cupressaceae
Callitris image
Shrubs or trees evergreen. Branchlets angled or furrowed-cylindrical, variously oriented. Leaves in whorls of 3--5. Adult leaves scalelike, appressed, abaxial surface keeled or rounded, free portion to 1 mm, abaxial glands absent. Pollen cones solitary or in small clusters, with 4--15 whorls of sporophylls, each with 2--4 pollen sacs. Seed cones maturing in 1--2 years, of 1--2 sizes, often remaining unopened for many years, ovoid or globose, 1--3.5 cm; scales persistent, in 2 equally inserted whorls of 3(--4), valvate, rhombic-deltate, basifixed, thick and woody. Seeds 2--9 per scale, round or 3-angled, broadly 1--3-winged; cotyledons 2.