Beloglottis spp.
Family: Orchidaceae
Beloglottis image
Herbs, terrestrial, sympodial. Roots fasciculate, fleshy, villous. Stems solitary, erect, rhizomatous, short. Leaves several, basal, petiolate; blade not articulate, involute when immature, margins entire. Inflorescences terminal, racemes, erect, scapose, laxly to densely flowered, slender. Flowers resupinate; perianth tubular; sepals subparallel, distinct or connate at base, apex spreading; lateral sepals with oblique, subdecurrent base; petals parallel and adnate to dorsal sepal; lip clawed, blade white with central green stripe, canaliculate, sagittate, 3-lobed, lateral lobes rounded, midlobe elongate-rounded, margins finely denticulate, lateral margins adnate to sides of column; column short, clinandrium inflated; stigmas 2, adjacent; rostellum erect, 2-lobed, 2-cleft, or 2-dentate, short; anther ovate, concave, base slightly cordate, apex acute; pollinia 4, clavate, soft, mealy; viscidium narrowly elliptic. Fruits capsules, erect, ellipsoid.