Aplectrum spp.
Family: Orchidaceae
Aplectrum image
Herbs, perennial. Roots in fascicles at base of pseudobulb, slender, fibrous. Corms connected by slender rhizomes. Stems scapes, cormose. Leaves produced in late summer-fall, withering in spring, solitary, borne at distal end of corm, plicate. Inflorescences solitary, lax racemes from lateral nodes on corm; floral bracts inconspicuous; cauline bracts sheathing, large. Flowers several, resupinate; sepals to 15 mm; lip 3-lobed, with 3 parallel lamellae; column compressed; pollinarium 1; pollinea 4, attached to viscidium by short stipe; stigma deeply concave. Fruits capsules, pendent, straight, 7 mm.