Amerorchis spp.
Family: Orchidaceae
Amerorchis image
Herbs, perennial, rather succulent. Roots scattered along rhizome, slender, fleshy. Stems scapose. Leaves solitary, basal, spreading, conduplicate; petioles inconspicuous, sheathing or clasping stem; blade orbiculate to broadly elliptic, ovate, obovate, or lance- or oblance-elliptic. Inflorescences terminal, solitary spikes, lax; floral bracts foliaceous. Flowers few to several, resupinate, showy; lip spurred at base, deeply 3-lobed, middle lobe notched, margins entire to crenate or erose; pollinaria 2; pollinia 2; viscidia within single 2-lobed bursicle; stigma flat, narrowly reniform to obcordate, ends flanking bursicle. Fruits capsules.