Plagiobothrys jonesii A. Gray
Family: Boraginaceae
Mojave popcornflower,  more...
Plagiobothrys jonesii image
Stan Shebs  
Kelley et al 2014 (Jepson online)
Duration: Annual Nativity: Native Lifeform: Forb/Herb General: Habit: Annual, sharp-spreading-bristly. Stem: ascending to erect, < 5 dm. Leaves: Leaf: cauline, alternate, lower 2--10 cm, hairs +- blister-based. Flowers: Inflorescence: bracts near base; pedicel 0--1 mm. Flower: calyx 4--8 mm; corolla funnel-shaped, limb 1--3 mm diam, appendages minute, white. Fruits: Fruit: nutlets 3--4, 2--3 mm, triangular-ovate, cobblestone-like, tubercles 0; abaxial ridge, lateral ridges weak, cross-ribs 0; scar near middle, long, narrow, on ridge. Ecology: Found on sandy, gravelly, rocky slopes, creosote-bush scrub, pinyon/juniper woodland; Elevation: below 6,000 ft (1829 m); flowers April-May Distribution: California to southern Utah, western Arizona, Mexico. Synonyms: None Editor: Hazelton pasted from Jepson, no editing