Identification Keys

Symbiota interactive identification keys have the ability to function with any taxonomically complex species list. This enables a keying interface that can even be used with species lists dynamically generated from geo-referenced specimen data. Below is a collection of species lists that can be used with the key interface.

  Arizona Endemic Plants Project (Desert Botanical Garden)  

  Arizona Flora  

  Arizona Native Plant Soceity Checklists  

  Borderlands Restoration Flora Project  

  Chicago Region Checklists and Inventories  


  Colorado Plateau  

  Flora de Chihuahua, México  

  Flora of the Borderlands Habitat Restoration Initiative  

  Flora of the Department of Interior, Desert West  

  Flora of the Fish and Wildlife Service, Region Two  

  Flora of the National Park Service, Intermountain Region  

  Floras de Sonora, México  

  Great Plains Inventories  

  Midwest Herbaria Network  

  Southwest Biodiversity Consortium  

  Teaching Checklists