Species Checklists

Research and Dynamic Survey Species Lists are listed below. Research Checklists are pre-compiled by floristic researchers. This is a very controlled method for building a species list where specific specimens can be linked in order to serve as vouchers. Vouchers specimens serve as physical proof that the species actually occurs in the given area. While Research Checklists are compiled with vouchers linked afterwards as support data, Dynamic Survey Species Lists are generated directly from the specimen data. These are usually built by a team of researchers who create the list over an extended period of time by linking physical specimens or photo observations as they are obtained from the research area. Since the lists are generated from the occurrence data on-demand, an annotation of an identification will automatically adjust the species list as needed.

Research Checklists

   Arizona Flora   

   Sonoran Desert Region Flora   

   Chicago Region Checklists and Inventories   

   Midwest Herbaria Network   

   Colorado Plateau   

   Flora of the Borderlands Habitat Restoration Initiative   

   Flora of the Department of Interior, Desert West   

   Flora of the Fish and Wildlife Service, Region Two   

   Flora of the National Park Service, Intermountain Region   

   California Flora   

   Teaching Checklists   

   Borderlands Restoration Flora Project   

Dynamic Survey Species Lists

   Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment