Welcome to SEINet - Arizona Chapter

The SEINet data portal was created to serve as a gateway to distributed data resources of interest to the environmental research community within Arizona. Through a common web interface, we offer tools to locate, access and work with a variety of data. SEINet is more than just a web site - it is a suite of data access technologies and a distributed network of collections, museums and agencies that provide environmental information.
To learn more about the features and capabilities available through this site, visit the Symbiota Help Pages. Join SEINet as a regular visitor and please send your feedback to seinetAdmin@asu.edu. Visit the Data Usage Policy page for information on how to cite data obtained from this web resource.
Visit some of the other regional data portals that are fellow members of the SEINet Network.
Development of SEINet, Symbiota, and several of the specimen databases have been supported by National Science Foundation Grants (DBI 9983132, BRC 0237418, DBI 0743827, DBI 0847966)
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